Why You Should Switch to a Digital SLR Camera

Photography has been a passion for many people for a long time now. Since the time that the camera was introduced to the world, it has undergone a sea change. The advent of new technology has improved the options available when it comes to choosing cameras for your personal use. Especially the advent of digital camera has made the art of photography even more interesting.There are many people for whom digital photography usually means getting instant photographs which they can share with their friends immediately either in person or online. Again there are some people for whom this technology of digital photography is a way to indulge in the art of photography without having to spend much. There are many differences in the art of digital and traditional photography and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.There is a vast difference between how an image is captured with a traditional vs digital SLR. In case of traditional ones, the image is captured and processed onto a film, but Digital SLR uses the millions of pixels to bring forth the same image. The concept and idea followed by photography is similar to that of a computer. In digital photography the pixels stores the details of the image like the contrast, color and brightness.There many advantages that you can enjoy with digital photography. The biggest advantage it gives you as a photographer is that you have immediate access to the image that you click. The digital SLR cameras come equipped with LCD screen which allows the photographer to view the image as and when he is clicking the photography and the final image as well. This is a very major advantage that you can get as a photographer as this technology allows you to share the picture immediately with the people around you and also you can download it to your computer.The digital photography option helps you to save the film and the cost of developing the images. That is the case with traditional photography option. Apart from downloading the images in case of this photography you can also get a printout of the images. However, there is one major drawback of digital photography and that is the image resolution. Comparatively traditional photography offers higher photographic resolution as compared to digital ones.The digital photography option also offers its user mostly with “point and click” technique. This point and click option can be frustrating for the professional photographers they do not like the contrast, focus and light to be predefined for them. However, the professional photographers who like Digital SLR can use the Canon digital SLR which is especially designed for the professional photographers and hence they do not have to compromise with the “point and click” technology.Overall it all depends on what is it that you are looking for in your camera. If you want it to be handy and easy to use with better storage capacity and also cheap then digital photography is what you need to opt for.

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