Payday Loans – What Are the Dangers?

A payday loan can seem to be a life raft to a drowning person when there is still too much month left after your paycheck is all gone. So you go downtown and drop in at the handy Payday Loan Store.You can get $100.00 right over the counter. On payday you will pay them back $115.00. It appears to be a cheap price to be able to get your hands on a c-note without a lot of paperwork and red tape.But is it really so cheap? Well, you really needed the money and after payday you’ll be out of hock, so who cares…? But just suppose you can’t pay the money back. Your paycheck that wasn’t enough two weeks ago now has to stretch enough to cover that $115.00 loan, too. Where can you turn? There’s only one place…the Payday Loan Store that’s already cost you $15.00.There’s nothing else to do but ask them for another c-note. Now you’ve got to hand them another $15.00 of your hard-earned money. Believe it or not, paying $15.00 every two weeks all year-long for that same $100.00 loan will cost you an interest rate of about 390% APR. THAT’S enough to choke a horse!When a year is up, you’ll be out a grand total of $360.00 for that lousy $100.00 loan that never seems to get repaid. Stuffing all that money into the payday loan company’s pocket has got to hurt you badly.You might become desperate enough one day to take out a $200.00 loan instead of the usual hundred. The Payday Loan Store is thrilled to up the ante. After all, you are a really good customer.The Payday Loan Store knows something you don’t know yet. You are about to get in so deep you won’t be able to dig yourself out again.Before you know it, your life becomes an endless round of robbing Peter to pay Paul. You are so sorry that you ever took that first $100.00 loan. You are really in a pickle. And as you find it harder and harder to keep your head above water, you notice your once friendly payday lender is becoming nasty to you at times. He doesn’t want to hear any stories: he just wants his money.Your life is falling apart. You and your wife are constantly fighting and your kids are miserable. You get a second job. Now you are exhausted, and yet you still can’t make all the money you need. You can’t see a way out.This is a picture of the way in which the payday loan industry can ruin the lives of folks who live from paycheck to paycheck. It’s really tough to make ends meet nowadays. But the very worst thing you can do is to make that first trip to a Payday Loan Store. That is the sure way to total and complete devastation…But there IS a better way. If you already have an internet connection and a computer, you could become an affiliate marketer. You could end your financial worries forever. You could say “Good-bye” to rapacious Payday Loan Stores forever!An affiliate marketer is a person who sells online another person’s product. Let’s say your name is Joe and the person who owns the product is called Bryce. Bryce is selling a software product that he has designed to make internet marketing easier. The product sells for $97.00. Joe reads about this product at the Warrior Forum where everyone is raving about it (and also selling it as affiliates!). Joe decides he will sell it, too. He contacts Bryce and signs up as Bryce”s affiliate. This costs Joe nothing to become Bryce’s affiliate.Joe doesn’t have very much money. Actually, he doesn’t have any money…He is in bad shape. He goes to and he sets up a really nice blog, all for free. He blogs about how great Bryce’s software is and about how much it will help internet marketers.Now he needs traffic to his blog. He can’t afford to buy any traffic, so he decides to write articles about the software. He sets up an account at EzineArticles, which is free. He begins to write articles, at least one every day. At the bottom of each article, he adds his URL so that readers of his articles can find his blog.He has set up a PayPal account (also free!) so he can accept payments. He keeps writing articles about the software and related topics. He is starting to get a little discouraged because he really needs money and nothing seems to be happening in that department..Then one morning he wakes up and checks his email and Lo and Behold! there is an email from PayPal telling him that $50.00 has been added to his account! He can’t believe it! It is the commission from one sale of the software that he has brought about through his articles.And this is the real start of Joe’s new career as an internet marketing affiliate. The merchant will take care of all details having to do with selling and customer care, etc. All Joe has to do is to keep sending traffic to Bryce’s product. Bryce pays a 50% commission, so it is well worth Joe’s time and effort.Soon Joe decides to build a list of folks who have bought products from him. He becomes an affiliate for other products related to the internet marketing field. He keeps writing articles, but now he is beginning to earn lots of money, so he can accelerate his sales by other ways of getting traffic. He builds a big list of warm and willing buyers, from whom he makes even more sales.Before you know it, Joe is very prosperous, his family is happy and comfortable, and those bad old days of having to grovel down at the Payday Loan Store just seems like a bad dream. Or rather, a bad nightmare. Those days are gone forever for Joe!

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